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Combining science, innovation and nature's own resources, Z-Blends is a premium brand of organic hemp oil and CBD products that empowers you to take control of your health and happiness.

Z-Blends Hemp is organically grown and is a plant-based solution to help maintain balance within the body. Derived of pure CBD isolate, each of our CBD products is easily applicable and can be incorporated into your daily health regimens. Z-Blends’ products are created to combat stressors for busy, modern lives. Z-Blends is a brand of transparency and passion.

Z-Blends is available to purchase, here, online, as well as through a unique business opportunity and wellness product offering system; our products are proudly manufactured in the USA and are GMP-compliant. Each contains 0% THC and no psychoactive ingredients. Through proper education and providing high-quality products with premium ingredients, Z-Blends is proud to be a part of the change in the misconceptions surrounding the hemp industry.

Like all the products made by Zurvita, it serves a purpose. … We’re finding that providing this as a supplement really does help with aches, fatigue, anxiety. … You get what you pay for. In the manufacturing of this, you're getting levels 85% higher than some competitors. - Dr. Scott VanLue, chairman of the Zurvita Scientific AdvisoryBoard

Z Blends, LLC, is a subsidiary of Zurvita Holdings, Inc, the parent/holding company of Z Blends, LLC and Zurvita, Inc., a global health and wellness company founded in 2008 by Mark and Tracy Jarvis and Jay Shafer. Zurvita Holdings, Inc., and its wholly owned subsidiaries are dedicated to making outstanding products and creating an impact on people from all walks of life, changing lives for the better. To learn more about Zurvita, Inc., click here.